RSL Art Union

The RSL Art Union Australia is a Queensland based charity that was established in 1956 to help raise much needed funds for the members of our Returned Services League (RSL).

The RSL runs 10 Art Union Charity Lotteries every year with a minimum prize value of $1,400,000:

9 of the draws are for the chance to win a luxury Gold Coast waterfront prize home, or an instant portfolio of multiple upmarket apartments in sought after city hot spots. Tickets for these draws are just $5 each.

1 x Golden Treasure draw is run each year also. This is a mega lottery and is highly anticipated by all supporters of the RSL. For just $10 per ticket, you get the chance to win an entire apartment block of units, with upper level Penthouse (valued: $3,500,000)!

The RSL Art Union has presented more than $80 million in prizes to winners across Australia and the world. Successfully they have raised over $70 million for the establishment and running of nursing homes, hospitals and retirement complexes.